Maria Sacrey, REALTOR®

While located in and serving Grand Falls Windsor, Maria was born and raised in small town Newfoundland, therefore she has a big spot in her heart for the character and warmth found in the “outports”. Maria began her career in real estate at a young age, because of her dream to help people find that feeling of adventure in home buying. In her opinion, nothing compares to this feeling and believing this is why she always offers reliable, top quality service to her clients.

Maria has an abundance of education that helps in her delivery of service as a realtor. Out of high school, Maria pursued education in English, Communications, and business before jumping into her chosen career as a real estate agent. All of these qualifications made her to be very knowledgable in working with the public, and paired with her passion for infrastructure, she has so much to offer as an agent.

As a single mom, Maria understands the importance of family and the place you call “home.” Whether you’re buying or selling, whether it’s a roof over one head, or ten heads. Even if it’s an investment property of flipping or a business endeavour, Maria works hard, pays attention to detail, puts her clients first, and pours her heart into making sure the best moves are made as she gets to be a part of these big moments. She makes sure these are memorable experiences for all.
She is often told that her best quality is not just top performance in the professional aspect, but also a smiling face whilst building lasting relationships with her clients.

When not working with her clients, Maria can be found spending most of her time with her daughter, Lennon, who is her drive and motivation for it all. She also can be found performing music at her favourite local spots, spending time on the water, at the cabin, or camping.

All in all, Maria lives for adventure, building connections, and reaching dreams. All of which reflect in her profession as she happily stands by you, works hard, and advocates for you as you take the steps into the next chapter.


0 Route 340

Boyd's Cove


40-44 Toulinquet Street



100 Harmsworth Drive

Grand Falls-Windsor


2 Pardy Place

Grand Falls-Windsor


1 Kings Road



149 Mchugh Street

Grand Falls-Windsor


223 Jr Smallwood Boulevard



27a Lowerview Road

Crow Head


49 Marshalls Drive

Bishop's Falls


3 Joe'S Lake



201 Main Street



146 A Sandy Point Road

Norris Arm


21 Sargents Cove Road



147 Main Street



147 Main Street



239 Bayview Street



10 Church Road

Grand Falls-Windsor


84 Main Street



1 Point, Route 352 R.r. 3 Road

Fortune Harbour


1 Skinner'S Harbour Road

Change Islands


122 Main Street



87 Point Road

Virgin Arm


21 Village Cove Road E



35 Junction Road

Grand Falls-Windsor


46 Main Street



409 A Grenfell Heights

Grand Falls-Windsor


15 Rices Avenue

Grand Falls-Windsor


17 Clearview Drive

Crow Head


10 Tickle Point Road

Change Islands


105 Main Street

Point of Bay


113 Durrell Street



241 Main Street

Head of Bay D'espoir


376 Main Road

Head of Bay D'Espoir


00 Joe Glode Pond

Millertown Junction


12 Carter'S Head Road



115 Main Street

Carter's Cove


12 Cove Road

Comfort Cove-Newstead


11 Tickle Point Road

Change Island


22 Main Street

Moreton's Harbour


3 Slades Lane



Lot 3-4 Kona Beach River Road

South Brook


0 Main Street

Moreton's Harbour


27 Village Cove Road W



1 Main Street

Change Islands


246b Main Street Unit#b

Norris Arm North


12 Main Street

Merritt's Harbour


394 Main Street

Northern Arm


11 Bayview Street




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