Outport Realty Launches Student Scholarship Program

Outport Realty Aims to Provide Financial Assistance to High School Graduates in Central Newfoundland

Bobby Gorman, Owner/Broker of Outport Realty, was the first member in his family to attend University and it would never have happened if he hadn’t been the beneficiary of a Scholarship.

“My professional accomplishments stem directly from the opportunity to achieve a higher education and I want to pay that forward. This is my motivation for creating the scholarship program. Even with ample drive and ability, a lack of finances can be a barrier to a kid achieving their goals. I’d like to do my part to squash that barrier.” Says Bobby.

The Outport Realty Student Scholarship will provide $1,000/year for each year that the recipient attends the program they choose, for up to four years. Applicants simply need to write a letter to the Outport Scholarship Board describing who they are, about the institution/program they hope to attend, how this scholarship will help them achieve those goals and why they should be the recipient.

“The scholarship is not necessarily intended for the kid with the highest grades. It’s intended to help the kid that truly needs it and demonstrates the drive to make the most of it.” Says Bobby.

The application deadline is March 31, 2022. Details can be found at outportrealty.ca.